8 May 2014

Exhibition of Sisi's child drawings reveals early genius

An exhibition of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's drawings as a child opened in Cairo recently, revealing a sensitive and artistic side to the man expected to win the next Egyptian presidential elections.
Egyptian art critics were unanimous in their praise for the former army Chief of Staff's early drawings, claiming that they revealed his genius and his uncanny ability to predict that path that his life would follow. They also noted how his drawings developed from age 4 to 7, as his style matured and he started experimenting with more ambitious drawings and subject matter. He didn't quite master colouring within the lines, but that is a minor criticism that has been highlighted from this detractors particularly among the banned Muslim Brotherhood organisation. The exhibition continues through to August, we publish a few of those remarkable drawings here. Click to zoom on them.

Age 4 - Sisi as astronaut 

Age 5 - Sisi as captain of the Egyptian football team

Age 6 - Sisi leading the Egyptian army

Age 7 - Sisi as president of Egypt and some kind of oversized global ruler 
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