8 Jan 2014

Lebanon thanks all the kings - لبنان يشكر كل الملوك

Recently a billboard appeared in Beirut thanking the King of Saudi Arabia for donating $3 billion to the Lebanese Army, which caused a lot of controversy. Ever so resourceful, the Lebanese people replaced the billboard with another thanking all the kings, past and present. Click on the image below to see, the original billboard is at the bottom. (Thanks to Gregg Carlstrom @glcarlstrom for the original photograph.)


  1. Those 3 billion also produced a hefty dose of LOLz on the Saudi side. If only for the insight into how the see the Lebanese, this video is totally worth watching :P

  2. LOL totally interesting to see the other perspective.

  3. Where's MALAK EL TAWOOK ? :P

  4. we demand Malak El Mashaoui


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