24 Jan 2013

الحزب السلفي الفينيقي: تحرك قبل فوات الأوان

In response to this video inciting for the expulsion of Syrian refugees from Lebanon. 

ردا على هذا الشريط التحريضي  

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  1. laaaaaaaaaaaa2. I cannot believe such a thing exists. laaaaaaaaaaaa2. who the hell made this? they should be jailed!

  2. Shame on that video!
    Karl, couldn't thank you enough for your depiction.

  3. "بدك رسم بياني لتفهم شو يعتي 100% يا حمار؟" Epic :) thanks Karl! the pain of discovering this disgraceful inhuman election tool erased by the hilarious conscious satire


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