8 Jan 2013

Video: Whatever Happened To The Arab Spring?

Video of a panel discussion at the Battle of Ideas 2012 at the Barbican Centre in London with Rania Hafez, Mark Seddon, myself, and Nadim Shehadi, chaired by Tara McCormack. I outline my assessment of the Arab Uprisings and make the argument against intervention and for self-determination. Watch up for the comical ending.


  1. No wonder there seems to be something a bit "off" about this website. Its owner is a fellow-traveler of Frank Furedi's libertarian network. I wonder what Karl thinks would be good for Arabs? The odd brand of anti-environmentalism and Ayn Rand entrepreneurial pizazz heralded on Spiked Online? Ugh.

  2. If you're Thomas Friedman trying to get back at me, you should have changed your picture as well, it gave you away.


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