22 Aug 2011

Gaddafi’s (near) Downfall: An unfortunate boost for liberal interventionism

As the news of the Libyan rebels’ takeover of Tripoli started to spread last night, it quickly became apparent that this development was being interpreted primarily as a vindication of the interventionist camp. As the situation in Libya appeared to be heading towards a stalemate over the past few months, several voices had started to question the wisdom of NATO's military intervention there. The fickle and unprincipled nature of this circumstantial anti-interventionism was no match for the triumphalism of the other side, even before the situation on the ground was properly understood. Worryingly, this ‘success’ seems to have already energised advocates of intervention, as speculation started about where the West could intervene next.

12 Aug 2011

On the consumption of atrocity media

When it comes to the Arab uprisings, there's a school of thought that equates atrocities with lack of legitimacy. A regime is repressive even if not outwardly violent. Hence I don't see the need for consumption of atrocity media. You're either for or against on principle, not in proportion to the violence.