2 Oct 2012

Claire Danes and 'Homeland' in Beirut

In the new season of the American series 'Homeland', Claire Danes' character, a CIA agent, visits Beirut. The scenes were actually filmed in Israel for an unexplained reason. The first image is a still from the series, in a place that doesn't look like Beirut at all. We offer these alternative images. 


  1. Of course she'd have to wear a hijab.

  2. Homeland is based on an Israeli show called Hatufim, may be why they go there and not Beirut. http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2012/may/05/homeland-hatufim-gideon-raff

  3. Based on an interview with the director or producer (dont remember which one) the reason the show was shot in Tel Aviv was down to security and insurance coverage.

  4. Whilst I admit that I enjoy this series as entertainment (I also like Glee - don't shoot me!) ... The likelihood that the next massive act of ideological terrorism on US territory will be christian is actually much higher than the run of the mill OBL OP... especially if Mitt makes (builds?) it. If we take the exemple of governments who have recently been elected on faith (Egypt, Tunisa etc), you'll see how uninhibited radicals of the same faith have become, and how they guilt their politicians into doing their bidding...
    So if Homeland were supposed to scare the socks offa me - it would be starring a Breivik (bis).


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