13 Nov 2014

We Google Translated A Thomas Friedman Article Into Arabic And Back Into English And Now It Makes Sense

We were perplexed by Thomas Friedman's latest article so we Google translated it into Arabic and back into English and now it makes much more sense. Below is the direct results from Google, unaltered. 

Freud and the Middle East

Thomas Friedman

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - When you attempt to try to understand the Middle East, one of the most important rules to keep in mind is: Why do the politicians here to tell you it does not matter usually secretly. What matters most, and what explains their behavior more than once does not, is what they say in public in their own language for the people. As President Obama sends more US advisers help Iraqis defeat the Islamic state, or ISIS, it is vital Web Abebooks listen carefully to what they are key players in the public saying in their own language from each other, and to their own aspirations.

For example, the Institute of Media Research for the Middle East, or MEMRI, a recent annual published excerpts from the interview by Mohammed Sadiq Given Husseini form of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami adviser, all of which aired on the television arena screen on September 24 in all, which ET and pointed out that Iran Shiite, information and communication technology through agents, has taken effective control over the Arab capitals oven: Beirut, Hezbollah Shiite militia during; Damascus, through diet Shia / Alawite regime of Bashar Assad. Baghdad, through the Shiite-led government there; (f), while few in the West attach importance - Sanaa, where the pro-Iranian Shiite Yemeni-branch community, and recently swept the Houthis in Yemen's capital and now are dominating the year.

Hosseini also said Iran and its allies: "We are at the center of the resistance is the sultans fresh from the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf. We are in Tehran and Damascus suburbs [Hezbollah] South of Beirut, Baghdad and Sana'a will draw a map of the area. We sultans new is also the Red Sea." Said aussi, for good measure, that "Saudi Arabia is the" tribe on the verge of extinction. "

May not be able to hear this stuff, and the purpose of Sunni Arabs do, now, especially since the United States and Iran could end their Cold War-old 35 years and reach an agreement, and that would allow Iran's program "peaceful nuclear energy." It helps to explain anything else you might have missed: Sunni insurgents exploded in a Shiite village Arabia, AL-Dalwah there November 3 and shot five of Shiites in Saudi religious occasion.

Well, at least President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the modern world. No, wait, what is the name that Erdogan insists that placed the latest building that bridge across the Bosphorus? ANSWER: Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge. Selim I was a Sunni Turkish sultan, who won in 1514, appeared on the Shiite Persian empire de son, and called over the Safavids. Alawite minority in Turkey, and the branch of the Shiite community grandparents who faced the wrath of sound, and protested that the bridge-name.

They know that information did not come out of the hat. Selon Britannica, the Ottoman Sultan Selim I was (1512-1520), which extended the empire to Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, "and raising the Ottomans on the leadership of the Islamic world." He then turned east and took on Shiite Safavid dynasty in Iran, all that constitutes a "political and ideological threat" to the dominance of the Ottoman Sunni Islam. Salim was the first Turkish leader to claim that both the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the successor of all Muslims.

US Vice President Joe Biden, for lack of information is incorrect, and when accused of facilitating the entry of Turkey into Syria fighters ISIS. Just as there is a bit of the West Bank, "Jewish settlers" in almost all the Israeli side, there is almost a little dream of succession on each side of the year. Some analysts suspect the Turkish Erdogan does not dream of building a pluralistic democracy in Iraq and Syria, the purpose injustement modern Sunni caliphate - not led by ISIS goal himself. Until then, he is obviously prefer ISIS on the border of his independent Kurdistan year.

As Shadi Hamid, a fellow at the Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, and put it in the Atlantic General section entitled "Appeal Islamic state roots": "went ISIS on, and derives its strength from, and ideas, resonates widely among the Muslim population majorité. They may not agree ISIS with interpretation in succession, the objective idea of the caliphate - the political historical by Islamic law and traditions governed entity - is a strong one. "

In fact, though, marks the researcher Middle East Joseph Brod, more Sunni Arabs in Egypt and the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula in the late 19th century "oppose perfectly for run Turkish which] succession have experience, and they all which they saw as occupying a kind of power. "It was a 20-century Sunni Islamic groups, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, that" the revival of this idea, and the glorification of succession in response to the weakness and decline in the region "and included in the mainstream of religious discourse."

In short, there are a lot of dreams and nightmares playing mixed among our allies in the Middle East war that will not be on the ISIS-Freud-was reliable to keep 'em straight. If you listen étroitement, those dreams bear - "pluralist democracy" - is not high on the list. We need to protect the islands from registration decency here - Jordan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman - from ISIS in the hope that the spread of the best examples of a living one day. I am skeptical of this goal fractious allies, with all their different dreams, and we can agree to share power in the new Iraq or Syria arrangements, ISIS- even if defeated.

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