10 Mar 2015

Female Arab TV Presenter Smiles Live On Air

Just a week after a female Lebanese TV presenter ended a live interview when a Muslim scholar told her to shut up, another female Lebanese TV presenter has smiled during a live broadcast. The brave presenter has shattered stereotypes about women in stern conservative Arab and Muslim countries by smiling repeatedly and bravely on camera while asking questions. Her confidence appeared to embolden her female colleague, and their female guest to also smile naturally while speaking live on air. The female guest was also wearing a headscarf while smiling live on air, thereby shattering even more stereotypes.

You can watch the clip below, in which the three women could be seen smiling repeatedly as if it's the most natural thing in the world, much like European or American female or male TV presenters would smile on camera. The repeated smiling and shattering of stereotypes about stern Arab and Muslim societies is testament to how much progress women in Lebanon have achieved, and many now expect female TV presenters from Morocco to Pakistan to start smiling and shattering stereotypes.

Most Arabs now await Western media to put this event in context for them because they're still not quite sure what to make of it, and they are now anxiously awaiting articles explaining what it means in American and European media outlets. It is expected that the video will go viral.

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