30 Jul 2013

المبان في آل علمان: دليلك إلى الليبراليين والشيوعيين وباقي العلمانيين

يتفق الجميع على أن العلمانيين هم القوة الحقيقة وراء "الربيع العربي" ولكننا لا نعرف سوى القليل عن هذه المجموعة المغمورة والتي لا تحب الأضواء باستثناء ظهور هنا وهناك على البي بي سي، السي إن إن، أو الغارديان وبعض المؤتمرات الدولية. ولكن من هم هؤلاء الناس حقاً؟ للإجابة على هذا السؤال، قمنا بدراسة موثقة من شأنها لأول مرة تسليط الضوء على العلمانيين العرب والجماعات السياسية المختلفة الخاصة بهم، وما المشروبات المفضلة لديهم.

Liberals, Communists and Assorted Infidels: The Ultimate Guide to Arab Secularists

Everyone agrees that secularists are the real force behind the ‘Arab Spring’, yet we know so little about this obscure group of people that toils in virtual anonymity. Aside from the occasional foray onto the BBC, CNN, The Guardian and international leadership conferences, that is. But who are these people really? To answer that question, we commissioned an authoritative study that will for the first time shed light on Arab secularists, their different political groups, and what their favourite drinks are.

The Liberals

The liberals are the granddaddies of all Arab secularists. They see themselves as the vanguard in the fight against Islamists, and they often say things like: “this is not my true Islam”, despite not having set foot in a mosque for 17 years. They mostly work for the UN, the World Bank, and western think tanks, but this doesn’t fool Arab leftists who know that this is the perfect cover for the western imperialist conspiracy.

27 Jul 2013

Egyptian man experience vague sense of déjà vu while out protesting in support of the army

An Egyptian man experienced a vague sense of déjà vu while out protesting in support of the army last Friday. Mohamed al-Nassi, 64 from Cairo, felt the yet unexplained sensation when he was at Tahrir Square carrying a large poster of army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

23 Jul 2013

'I am like Warda': Exclusive Interview with General al-Sisi, the leader of the Glorious Egyptian Army

Since the Corrective Operation to Unseat the President (COUP) in Egypt, one name has been on everyone’s lips, General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi the leader of the Glorious Egyptian Army©. It’s true a few were cursing him, but most honourable citizens of Egypt and the other Arab countries were behind the General’s historical corrective manoeuvre against the Muslim Brotherhood.

1 Jul 2013

Arab Dictators: A National Geographic Special

Arab Dictator of the Gaddafi
genus, caught in Libya and
unfortunately killed by  people
who don't appreciate nature.
These days, everybody is taking more interest in the environment and concern for biodiversity and the welfare of different species is shared by all sensible people. One of the species that has been facing serious challenges in recent years is the Arab dictator, found mostly in the Middle East and North Africa. This native species with its long beak and decorative plumage has long been admired by nature-lovers across the globe, but its numbers are dwindling unfortunately. While not yet at the point of extinction, we must all do everything we can to ensure its survival. We teamed up with National Geographic to provide you this guide for the Arab dictator and what you can do to help preserve it.