1 Jul 2011

Lebanon's Ministerial Policy Statement -STL article

 The most contentious item in the new cabinet's policy statement is undoubtedly the one dealing with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. As-Safir newspaper has published a leaked copy of the full text in Arabic. I couldn't find an English translation, below is my own attempt at translating it myself. The paragraph is intentionally vague in Arabic, I hope I managed in capturing the exact tone. As I argued yesterday, PM Mikati is trying to perform a delicate balancing act between internal and external pressure with respect to the STL, an attitude clearly reflected in the leaked statement. 

Your comments on the translation are welcome:

'The government out of respect for international resolutions, affirms its commitment to revealing the truth about the assassination of the martyred Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and his companions, and it will follow the process of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which was established principally to achieve truth and justice away from any politicization or revenge, and without negative impact on Lebanon's stability, unity and civil peace.' 

And here's the Arabic version:

'ـ ان الحكومة انطلاقاً من احترامها القرارات الدولية، تؤكد حرصها على جلاء الحقيقة وتبيانها في جريمة اغتيال الرئيس الشهيد رفيق الحريري ورفاقه، وستتابع مسار المحكمة الخاصة بلبنان التي انشئت مبدئياً لإحقاق الحق والعدالة بعيداً عن أي تسييس او انتقام وبما لا ينعكس سلباً على استقرار لبنان ووحدته وسلمه الأهلي. '

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