26 May 2009

David Cameron: Spineless Spinman

Cameron's response to the MP expenses 'scandal' illustrates perfectly what is wrong with this man, the blend of authoritarianism and lack of conviction and spine that characterises so many politicians today. This is an explosive combination, and I would say even more dangerous than authoritarianism mixed with a sense of purpose. At least in the latter case, say Margaret Thatcher, you know where you stand. Cameron stands for nothing, represents nothing, but does not hesitate to be authoritarian in the process.

Cameron's eagerness to please was evident in the aftermath of the non-scandal that was the MP expenses saga. A fake fury whipped by a newspaper on its last knees, and smacking of the nasty type of desperation that characterises the hopeless. Cameron in typical spineless style rushed to apologise before the extent of the problem even became clear. Unwittingly, he undermined politics further with his antics, discrediting himself and his colleagues, and the entire political establishment, with his buffoonery.

Cameron's hasty apology speaks volumes about his lack of conviction. Instead of 'shoot first, ask questions later' this man will 'apologise first, ask questions later', because deep at heart he knows that he stands for nothing, represents nothing, and his eagerness to please is quite honestly repulsive. I would have respected the man more if he had stood up for MPs, instead he was willing to bring down the whole house and not have the courage to fight for the establishment that he represents.

Politics is about leadership, and Cameron has shown none. This is perhaps pardonable in the Lib Dems, and their 'leader' Nick Clegg, a party that has no aspiration to be in power and is content to be on the sidelines constantly, but is completely unforgivable and in a party that has serious hopes of forming the next government. Of course, singling David Cameron is a bit unfair, after all Gordon Brown had a similar reaction, but Brown is already discredited and has shown his lack of leadership. Cameron has illustrated his incompetence even before attaining power, an achievement even by the standards of modern-day politics.

This rush to apologise, the automatic assumption of guilt, perfectly illustrates Cameron's authoritarian disdain for democracy and the mechanisms of justice, it is only a small example of the further erosion of liberties and politics that we can expect at his hands once he is in power. Cameron has come across, in his eagerness to please, as the pathetic teenager with no friends who will degrade himself in hope of making some friends and becoming popular. For this old Leftie, give me an authoritarian with a sense of Thatcher any day instead of this spineless spin-man.

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