25 Mar 2015

I Wrote My Own Wikipedia Biography

Sharro holding an imaginary chicken in 2012

Karl Sharro

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Karl Sharro (Arabic: كارل شرّو‎) (born in 1971 in Zahle, Lebanon) is a Lebanese-Iraqi-Phoenician-British architect, someone on Twitter and also someone who has a blog.

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Early life

Sharro was born to his parents, a sign of the great genius that he will grow up to become. Only great people are born to families, ordinary people are born in families. Sharro enjoyed a happy childhood during the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990), particularly enjoying the long absences from school because of the fighting. While in the classroom he liked to write short funny messages that he would pass to his classmates, acquiring a skill that will be useful later in life on Twitter.

In 1989 Sharro applied to the American University of Beirut but he made a mistake in the application and applied to architecture instead of computer engineering. Not wishing to admit his mistake, he enrolled in the architecture programme and graduated five years later with no distinctions whatsoever, a sign that the academic establishment felt threatened by him. University nevertheless gave him the opportunity to develop his writing skills, and he got much better at writing the short notes that would get passed around the class.

Early Career

After graduating Sharro started working for an architectural firm in Beirut at the beginning of the post-war reconstruction period. Colleagues that worked with him during this period describe him as a funny, attractive and smart person. Sharro discovered his fondness for fried chicken during this period, sometimes eating it four or five times a week. This was the beginning of a passion that would last a lifetime.

The London Years

A few years later Sharro filled a form to join the British Council library in Beirut but he made a mistake and applied to university in Britain instead. Sharro was accepted at the London School of Economics and granted a scholarship. Not wishing to admit his mistake, in 2002 he packed his bags and moved to London. Sharro says about the LSE: ‘it would have definitely been one of my top 20 universities to apply to had I intended to apply to postgraduate studies.’

Sharro enjoyed the utter lack of academic rigour or expectations at the LSE and acquired a fondness of drinking subsidised beer at the student pub. His passion for drinking beer fitted nicely with his passion for eating fried chicken, in many ways influencing the celebrated person that was to become a few years later. After graduating, Sharro got a job at an architectural firm in London and decided to settle there after he realised that his ticket back to Lebanon had expired. (There are strong indications that he didn’t want to admit his mistake.)


Sharro started a blog in 2007 which he shared his clever and amusing opinions about the world. It was quite a bold and original thing to do at the time, allowing him to express himself freely without having to submit to an editor or bother with punctuation or spelling. Barely fifty million people around the world had their own blog at the time, Sharro was a pioneer in that respect.

Sharro joined Twitter in 2009. A year later he discovered the notifications tab on Twitter and began to notice people retweeting him and talking to him. Six months later he figured out how to reply. Sharro’s fondness for writing those notes in the classroom was reawakened as he embarked on a zealous mission to tweet about anything under the sun with his unique wit and cleverness. By 2011 he had almost 50 followers, a clear sign that the world was beginning to take him seriously.

Sharro has now been quoted several times in one of those paper.li things. A couple of people have said to him on Twitter ‘you should be on stage’. And someone once even replied to him ‘tweet of the day’. With such strong endorsements, Sharro has now become a cult figure among people on Twitter. His heroic and witty stands on everything from organic food to the nature of the afterlife have made him one of the most frequently-tweeting people on Twitter.

In March 2015, Sharro finally decided to write his own Wikipedia biography, despite being told by some friends that only a vain and shallow person would do that. Sharro paid no heed to their warnings, as he felt that the need to celebrate himself far outweighed their concerns. Sharro’s decision to write his own Wikipedia entry was to be his boldest yet, propelling him into international fame. He just needed to remember to write it anonymously, because people would totally fall for that and think someone like him deserves a Wikipedia entry.

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